Applying for a visa to Thailand in Moscow in 2019 - step by step instructions

Several times I have already made a single-entry Thai visa in Moscow, I share my experience. Many people write about how difficult it is, and it is better to do it in a neighboring country with Thailand. But this is not entirely true, I have experience of getting in Laos and Malaysia. The devil is not as bad as it is described on the Internet. Obtaining a visa in Russia is at least cheaper than if you do it in another country. Therefore, my personal conclusion is this: if a traveler lives in Moscow / St. Petersburg, has the opportunity to make all the documents, then you need to make a Thai visa in Russia.

The content of the article

Registration of a single entry visa in Moscow

I have a separate post about Visa processing in St. Petersburg. All the nuances concerning Peter are in that post, but in this post they are not. All questions also write there.

general information

Absolutely any person and from any city can apply for a visa in Moscow, no personal presence or power of attorney is needed. Anyone can also receive, the main thing is to show the receipt received when submitting documents.

You have decided to apply for a tourist visa. First of all, read my main post about Thailand visa. In it you will find out what types of visas exist, how long the visa is valid for, what is the entry corridor, why you need a visa, how much you need to pay for the overstay. Already at this stage, some of your questions will disappear.

A single entry visa is given for 60 days with the right to extend for another 30 days on the spot (how to renew). Total 90 days. There is multivisa, allowing you to live for a total of 180 days, and such a visa can also be obtained in Moscow, but it is much more difficult and not entirely convenient.

Alternatively, you can enter on a regular stamp for 30 days, and then go to Laos for a visa. This is a working scheme, but more expensive and time consuming. Relevant only for those who live far from Moscow and St. Petersburg. I wrote separately about visa processing in Laos.

There is another way to live in Tai for 4 months on a single-entry visa, but I have not verified it. A visa is made in Moscow, but you need to enter Tai using a 30-day stamp, that is, do not fill in the visa number in the departure card and ask the border guards to put the stamp. And then go to Borderran in a month to activate the visa.

Thai visa obtained in Moscow

Thai visa obtained in Moscow

Consular fee, processing time

Consular fee - single entry visa $ 40, multivisa $ 200. Accepted ONLY in dollars and in cash. Torn, wrinkled bills, even slightly worn bills will not be accepted. Banknotes must be no older than 2009. They say they started to give change, but I'd rather bring it without change.

The processing time is 3 working days, including the days of filing and issuing. But it can take longer if there is something wrong with the documents. Just in case, keep this in mind and make your visa in advance. The entrance corridor opens on the day of submission of visa documents.

How to fill out a migration card correctly. It will be given to you on the plane, regardless of whether you have a visa or are going to enter with a stamp. Just in case, save your pictures on your phone.

Consulate opening hours

Electronic queue - For January 2019, you can apply in a live queue if you have a flight in a week. All the rest by electronic record, which is rather difficult to obtain, since the time flies up quickly, almost a month in advance. Alternative - visa center for extra money.

Read about working hours of the Thai consulate in Moscow. In the same post there is a route map, a map and a photo of the embassy for better recognition..

List of documents for visa processing in Moscow

ALL submitted documents must be in ENGLISH / Thai, or their notarized translation must be made. That is, a notarized copy in Russian + a notarized translation.

  • If the electronic record on the site works and you go through it, then a printed confirmation of your record. The entry is made for a specific day / time, for each passport - one entry.
  • Passport valid for at least 6 months at the time of application + photocopy of the main page. If you are not a citizen of Russia, but you need to show documents for your right to stay in Russia: visa, residence permit.
  • Completed visa application form. You can fill it out on the site where the electronic queue is made, or you can skip this step, and fill out the questionnaire in a regular pdf file. The point is that the site can be buggy and it doesn't save the draft. Here is a profile template for you in the form of a file, it is from the site's office. The visa application form is filled in English.
  • 1 photo is strictly 4x6, if submitted through the visa center, through the consulate is not so important. The photo will need to be pasted on the profile.
  • The original bank statement on the state of the account with a wet seal (not facsimile, as Tinkoff sends by default), the currency of the certificate is not important. Everywhere it is written that the account should be $ 700 per person or $ 1,500 for a family, but in fact you need 50-60 thousand rubles per person at least! The statement is valid for a month. Ask the bank for a statement immediately in English, so as not to translate. Passport data in the statement is optional.
  • Help from the place of work or docks for individual entrepreneurs (translated into English) seem to be optional. But I would do it, if there is such a possibility, then they will find fault with you less. But if there is no certificate, then in the Occupation column you must write»freelancer» or «programmer», non-working people are not liked. Those who work write the post. Students or retirees can show retirement and student. Translation into English of retirement / student is better done, but when how with this.
  • Sponsorship letter from the sponsor in English (download). The sponsorship letter is written by hand or on a computer, only the signature must be written by hand. It is written for those who do not have their own personal bank statement. This letter is accompanied by the original statement of the sponsor's account and a copy of his passport (you indicate the number of the foreign in the sponsorship letter). It is imperative to indicate the degree of relationship in the letter. If the sponsor is traveling with you, then he puts the original extract in his package of documents, and you put a copy of the extract in yours. Alternatively, you can take several originals of the statement from the bank at once, for each submitter. No marriage certificate needed.
  • Paid air tickets to Thailand and back to Russia or a third country (again, this is possible), completely in English (without Russian). Try to print just such by switching to English on the airline's website. I advise you to buy and, I use them myself. The return ticket must be no more than 90 days after arrival. But! You can provide a return ticket for more than 90 days, but then you also need to provide air tickets for an intermediate exit / entry from Thailand. If you are flying on a charter, and they usually issue electronic tickets a couple of days before departure, you will have to ask the travel agency for a receipt for payment, since the voucher for the ticket will not work. If you do not want to buy a return ticket, you can buy a return ticket at a return fare (for example, Economy Premium FLEX from Aeroflot) in order to return it immediately after issuing a visa. They will not be able to buy tickets from AirAsia and other low-cost airlines, so immediately make a printout from the bank with this operation, as a confirmation that you really bought this ticket. E-tickets may not contain your passport details - this is normal.
  • Consular fee $ 40 for each visa. Only bills from 2009 and younger, only new in appearance, even dented ones will not take.
  • Proof of residence. This can be a canceled hotel reservation from Booking (you will have to make several of them, since you cannot make more than 30 days at a time). You can show the lease for the house, but then you also need a copy of the channot (property certificate), which not every owner wants to give.

It is better to buy bucks in advance, but as a last resort there is Sberbank, which is 5 minutes from the embassy (go to the Garden Ring). You can also go to the 1st Koptelsky lane (next after Bolshaya Spasskaya street in the direction of the metro), there is a BystroBank, you can withdraw money from an ATM and exchange it at the bank's cash desk for dollars. Only you can not have time, and buy bucks, and apply for a visa.

List of documents for a Thai visa in Moscow

List of documents for a Thai visa in Moscow

Documents for a child for a Thai visa

This section is for those who decide to make a visa for a child. I supplement the post, otherwise they ask in the comments. In fact, a child has the same set of documents as an adult, plus a few more documents. And also translations are needed.

And also, just in case, I will write here, if you enter Thailand with a stamp (not on a visa), then the birth certificate of the child, its translation, as well as permission to leave from the second parent, you do not need.

  • A separate questionnaire is filled out for a child in English, if he has his own passport. And a separate entry in the electronic queue.
  • International passport valid for at least 6 months at the time of application + copy of the main page.
  • Sponsorship letter in English from the sponsor.
  • 1 photo 4x6.
  • Birth certificate + notarized and translated copy.
  • A certificate from the school (if the child is of school age) that he is being released. As I understand it, this is something like an analogue of a certificate from work for an adult. I don’t know if it’s possible to point out that she’s not studying or is homeschooled..
    Logically it is possible, because in this case there will be no papers.
  • Permission from the second parent to leave (translated and certified) and a copy of the first page of his foreign passport, if his passport is not submitted for a visa in the same set of documents.
  • If a different surname of the mom / dad is indicated in the child's birth certificate, then you also need a document (also translated and certified) from the registry office to change the surname. In English.
Nuances when applying for a Thai visa for a child

Nuances when applying for a Thai visa for a child

How to fill out a questionnaire

It is important. They can find fault with all sorts of little things, and every time they change everything. They find fault with one, then they stop. Alas. Corrections are not allowed in the questionnaire, they can force you to reprint.

  • Nationality - we write not Russian, but Russian Federation.
  • Nationality at birth - «Russian Federation» or «USSR», if the year of birth is included in the period of existence of the USSR.
  • Birth place - you need to write what is written in your passport in Latin letters (for example, USSR). It's just that the city or name of the country is not as in the passport asks to correct.
  • Date of issue - the formats of all dates in the questionnaire are asked to be written in the same form as in the passport. For example, if the passport is 03.03.2010, then the date 2010/03/03 is asked to correct.
  • Occupation - I wrote «Individual Entrepreneur», since I am SP. You can also write Programmer or Freelancer there and not bring any references from work. If you write Freelancer, then be sure to indicate the profession, for example, Product Manager, Programmer, Designer, etc. Do not write «Unemployed», they don't like the unemployed.
  • Current address - the address where you live in Russia, with a zip code.
  • Permanent address - registration address in Russia, but you can put a dash if it coincides with the previous one. I would write the address of registration everywhere, as indicated in the passport of the Russian Federation. If you have a bank account in Moscow, then the registration address must be in Moscow, otherwise they will pick on.
  • Traveling by - the usual Airplane is asked to be corrected for the name of the airline. For example Aeroflot.
  • Duration of Proposed Stay - duration of stay in Thailand. We write specifically: 65 days. That's right, the number and «days».
  • Date of previous visit Thailand - you need to indicate the exact dates when you were last in Thailand, for example, 06/01/2018 - 06/30/2018.
  • Countries for which travel document is valid - write ALL.
  • Proposed Address in Thailand - write the hotel address without a name.
  • Name and Address of Local Guarantor - required. Name, address and telephone number of a relative or any contact person in your hometown (where you have your registration address) who does not travel with you.
  • Guarantor in Thailand - Required. Usually, everyone duplicates the address and phone number of a Thai hotel / apartment / house here. It doesn't matter what you write there, no one checks.
  • Date - date of submission of documents. It is important!

In the questionnaire for children in the Marital Status item we put a dash, in the Occupation item for preschool children we write Child. Item Names, dates and places of birth of minor children, if they are not filled in, put a dash.

You can fill out the questionnaire again and print it at the copy center at Bolshaya Sukharevskaya Square, 16 / 18c1. The cost is 55 rubles. They are allowed to return with a revised application form. They say to meet the interval specified in the electronic queue, but in fact, you can at any time until 12, you just need to agree with those already in the electronic queue to be missed.

An example of filling out a questionnaire

An example of filling out a questionnaire

In what order to fold documents

Better to do this because they find fault. The order of the documents enclosed in the passport, a set for each person. All documents are checked immediately upon submission.

- Consular fee 40 $.
- Printout of invitation (registration)
- Application form with a pasted photo
- A copy of the first page of the international passport
- Bank certificate or sponsorship documents
- Help from work (if you indicated that you are working)
- Electronic ticket
- Accommodation reservation

How I applied for a visa (personal experience)

I received a visa in 2017, the review is outdated. Read the latest comments below for all the news.
Also, all the information above ^^^ is also promptly updated. Post update date at the very beginning near the title.

  • I filled out the questionnaire according to the sample.
  • The photo was pasted in 3x4 color and two years ago instead of the officially required fresh 4x6. That is, the size of the photo is not particularly important, the main thing is that you are on it, and not someone else. The photo should be immediately pasted onto the profile.
  • The original bank statement of Avangard in English with the amount of 300 thousand rubles. The statement contained the data of my RF passport, and not a foreign one, but it doesn't matter.
  • IP certificate translated into English with notarization.
  • Served Moscow-Bankok-Moscow tickets from Qatar with 62 days between flights. Printed in English.
  • Consular fee 40 $.

The very delivery of documents takes a couple of minutes while the docks are checked. Obtaining a visa - 10 seconds, just hold out the receipt and your passport immediately.

Apply for a visa in Moscow or Laos / Malaysia

Let's calculate how much it takes to apply for a visa in Moscow per person, if you live in Moscow or nearby. We do not take into account the consular fee of 40 USD, it is always there and is the same everywhere.

- 4 trips by metro - 200 rubles
- The cost of travel to Moscow

In total, it turns out that a single-entry visa in Moscow will cost very little, and the cost increases with your distance from Moscow..

If you do visa in Laos, then, firstly, you will have to spend two days on the trip (and time = money), and secondly, the cost will be: overnight at the hotel 500-1000 baht, and travel by bus back and forth 1500-2000 baht (more expensive by plane) , that is, somewhere between 3000-5000 baht, depending on the degree of comfort that you need on this trip.

In my opinion, despite the additional documents that Moscow requires, it is still somewhat easier / cheaper to make a visa here if you are a resident of Moscow or the region.

P.S. Simple questions have become more frequent. Before asking, read the entire post carefully, it contains 99% of the answers to your questions. If the answer is in the post, I will not reply to it in the comments, respect my time too, read the post.