Laem Sing Beach - secluded but crowded (closed)

Laem Sing Beach is a small cozy beach located in a small bay off the western part of Phuket Island between the beaches Kamala and Surin. The transcription of Laem Singh is also sometimes found, which, in principle, is almost the same, the difference is in one letter.

The total length of the beach is about 300 meters, but due to palm trees growing close to the shore and a placer of large stones, the beach area is limited to only 150 meters. The water in the bay is clear, pouring snow-white foam on the gentle coast. The sand is fine and soft, it is a pleasure to walk on it.

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Beach description

The natural bay, surrounded by palm trees and forest, creates the feeling that Laem Sing is another quiet secret beach in Phuket and in the low season this feeling is quite justified, since there is practically no one on the beach, but in winter everything changes.

In terms of tourist density, Laem Sing may well rival the famous Patong. There are even sun loungers in 3 - 4 rows and the fact that there is no direct access to the beach does not prevent vacationers from honoring Laem Sing with their presence.

Entering the water, depth and waves

Entry into the water is very shallow and abounds in pitfalls in the left half. But on the right half of the beach, the first ten to fifteen meters will only be of pure sand.

The depth does not increase sharply, but waves happen here regularly. In case anyone is interested in reading about other places, I have a short overview of all the beaches of Phuket, will help you decide on the choice of the beach.

Sun beds and shade

Sun loungers with umbrellas cost 100 baht per day. Most of them belong to local restaurants, where Italian cuisine is surprisingly good. There is a lot of shadow, but it is far from the water, although most vacationers prefer to rent sun loungers with umbrellas and are unlikely to be allowed to settle here as a savage.

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The influx of tourists means an abundance of entertainment options. It is full of massage parlors (services will cost you about 300 baht), cafes and water activities, including: snorkeling (in the southern rocky part of the beach), rental of pleasure boats, «bananas» or kayaking, water skiing and boating (in the northern part of the beach). Everywhere tourists are greeted with hospitality and a smile on the face of Thais.

Laem Sing hosts a weekly bar party from November to May. DJs from various countries, as well as local musicians, often play to the delight of the audience. The atmosphere there is conducive to comfort and good pastime. Some stars of the world show business attended this party..

Of the amenities, the beach boasts a rural shower at the active recreation area (a water hose attached to a long pole). A toilet can be found in any restaurant where the service itself is relatively inexpensive..

Houses and hotels on the beach

It is almost impossible to find accommodation on this beach, but the proximity of the residential area of ​​the neighboring Surin directly disposes to the choice of a hotel there for almost every taste. Indeed, there are only a few hundred meters from Surin to Laem Sing beach, it is quite possible to walk on foot, admiring the picturesque nature of Phuket. The only thing is to go uphill and in the heat.

From the Surin side, the five-star hotels Ayara Hilltops and Baan Phu Prana Boutique Villa are closest to the Laem Sing beach, and from the Kamala side - Novotel Phuket Kamala Beach .

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How to find the beach

There is no direct road to Laem Sing Beach. A hundred meters from it, the main route passes (it goes along the mountain, therefore, it is much higher than sea level), connecting Kamala and Surin.

From it there is a descent to the north and south of Laem Sing beach), ending in parking lots. For a motorbike there they will take from 20 baht, for a car from 40 baht per day of parking. A long staircase leads from the parking lot down to the coast, and it is tiresome to walk along it, especially for the elderly.

In the high season, it is difficult to park on the highway, especially by car, there is simply nowhere to park, the parking is busy. Alternatively, you can stand near the observation deck, before reaching the parking lot (if you are driving from Surin), or near the trash heap (it is, on the contrary, a little further than the parking lot), or even a little further, there is space on the side of the road. But during peak season, it will most likely be busy everywhere..

From Surin can be reached on foot if it is not annoying to climb the mountain. From Kamala only on a bike, because it's too far.

Beach Map

Laem Sing Beach Map

Laem Sing Beach Map: