What to see in Koh Phangan - list of attractions

Koh Phangan is a small island near Koh Samui, which can only be reached by ferry. Compared to the mainland and Koh Samui, there is very little civilization on Phangan and this is its advantage. Koh Phangan is a rather popular holiday destination, at a comfortable distance from the tourist boom of Koh Samui, which is developing exponentially and is less and less like a tropical island. The main activities of Phangan, thanks to which he became famous - Full Moon parties and diving. Although this is not all that the island has to offer, it is thanks to the parties that it is popular primarily among young people. And for its uninhabited places, it is in demand among fans of solitude and meditation..

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Excursions in Koh Phangan

If you do not risk renting equipment and exploring the island on your own, then there is nothing wrong with buying a couple of the most popular excursions in Phangan. Just to get to know the main attractions of the island in a relaxed mode. This will at least save you money on rent, time for studying geography and preparing a route. Most compatriots have a sad two weeks of vacation, so the time should be used to the maximum. Leave all the organizational moments for those who ate the dog on this and know exactly where and when to arrive.

There are excursions on sale at every corner, starting from the main pier in Phangan - Tong Sala. And here it doesn't even matter whether you have a Russian-speaking guide, or everything will be conducted in English - there are few difficult historical places in Phangan that need to be talked about a lot. And you will read about the main sights on the Internet and you will only have to get there and see with your own eyes. If you start your exploration of the island from a hotel or resort, then first of all talk to the administrator at the reception - he already has all the necessary contacts.

What to see in Phangan

Chinese temple

There are quite a few temples on Koh Phangan, but not all of them are equally interesting. One of the most famous and visited temples on the island is the Chinese Temple. Judging by the condition of the buildings, this is a remake and was installed relatively recently. The temple is a complex of buildings and sanctuaries dedicated to the gods of China, Hinduism and Buddhism - very Thai. The Chinese temple is located on a slope and from its top point offers a magnificent view of the valley between the mountains, with Chaloklum Beach on the horizon. More about the temple - Phangan Chinese temple - temple complex with a bunch of gods.

Phangan Chinese Temple

Phangan Chinese Temple

Phu Khao Noi Buddhist Temple

Phu Khao Noi is one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Phangan and even the entire province of Surat Thani. The temple is located next to Koh Phangan Hospital, in the Ao Hin Kong beach area. The place is authentic, secluded, away from the hiking trails and never upset by crowds of tourists. The temple is considered a place of power and energy, and is loved by foreign Buddhists. More about the temple - Phu Khao Noi Buddhist temple on Phangan - the oldest on the island.

Wat Phu Khao Noi on Phangan

Wat Phu Khao Noi on Phangan

Paa Sang Tam Buddhist Temple

Wat Paa Sang Tham is another fresh Buddhist landmark in Phangan that is under construction and is located next to the Chinese Temple. In addition to the remake - the pagoda, there are quite old buildings, a statue of Buddha on the slope and many houses where monks live. The place is very cozy, secluded and beautiful. One of the specialties of the temple is the herbal sauna, which can be accessed for a small fee, which will go towards the completion and renovation of the temple. More about the attraction - Wat Paa Sang Tham in Phangan - a new Buddhist temple.

Wat Paa Sang Tam on Koh Phangan

Wat Paa Sang Tam on Koh Phangan

Lake Laem Son

The largest freshwater lake on the island, which in the relatively recent past was a tin mine, subsequently flooded. Located in the western part of Koh Phangan, next to Chao Phao beach. This place is popular with locals who like to have picnics on the beach, under the shade of trees. There are some water activities and attractions for children on the lake - Wipeout Water Activity Center. There is also a good local cafe on the shore. Lake Lam Son is suitable as a place for recreation with children and a picnic in nature, purely in the form of a variety of leisure activities on vacation.

Paradise Falls

Paradise is easier to get to than any waterfall on the island, so it's far from a clue. «authentic», here it is noisy and crowded with tourists. A cafe was built right next to the waterfall, and a little further away is Phangan Safari, where you can (but don't need to) ride elephants, which are very cruelly trained for this business. The water in Paradise Waterfall falls from the rocks and forms natural pools where you can swim. But in the dry season, the waterfall dries up almost completely. More about the waterfall - Paradise waterfall.

Paradise Waterfall on Phangan, a tub with a bungee

Paradise Waterfall on Phangan, a tub with a bungee

Sramanor Falls, Tan Pravet and Tan Sadet

The Sramonora waterfall is also located close to civilization, there are even bungalows next to it where you can spend the night. The waterfall itself is not very big, with a natural pool where you can swim. There is a cafe next to the waterfall, and noisy Waterfall Parties are regularly held. There is also a dance floor and a protective canopy from rain and sun, and there are also unpleasantly large boulders that seem to be ready to fall. A few kilometers north of Sramanora there are two more waterfalls: Tan Pravet and Tan Sadet.

Tan Pravet is the most popular tourist waterfall on the island. This is a very beautiful multi-level waterfall in the jungle. It is not easy to get to, but it is worth the effort it took to overcome the path. Moreover, there will be untouched tropical nature around, rich in colors, smells and sounds. The best time to visit the waterfalls in Koh Phangan is after the rainy season.

Tan Sadet is famous for the fact that King Rama V visited him several times. The waterfall even has a stone on which the king left an inscription in 1888. The waterfall is considered sacred and the water from it is used in ceremonies. Than Sadet Waterfall is essentially a cascade of small waterfalls, about three kilometers long. The stream is noisy, broken by large boulders and pleases with natural pools. The road to the waterfall starts from the beach of the same name - Than Sadet.

Wang Sai waterfall

The waterfall also has natural fonts-pools, and they are deep enough, you can dive there from a height. The waterfall is very picturesque as the bottom of the pools is light. The water appears turquoise or green, depending on the light. This waterfall is also best visited after the rainy season. It is located in the northwest of Koh Phangan, you can walk to it from the Mae Haad beach. More about the waterfall - Wang sai waterfall.

Wang Sai waterfall on Koh Phangan

Wang Sai waterfall on Koh Phangan

Than Sadet National Park and Phang Waterfalls

Than Sadet National Park is located three kilometers from Thong Sal. The main attraction of the national park is the Phang Noi and Phang Yai waterfalls, with an observation deck at the top. An eco-trail runs through the national park to the highest point of the island - the top of Mount Khao Ra. In order to see the waterfalls, you need to go uphill from the village. First, there will be a small waterfall, and then a large multi-cascade, along which you can climb higher and higher. Opposite the first Phang there is a branch of the trail to the neighboring hill, at the top of which there is the Dom Sila observation deck, but it is quite difficult to climb it.

Below, at the foot of Phang Noi, just like many other waterfalls on the island, there is a natural bath where you can swim. But unlike other places, there is a small swimming pool and almost at the top of the waterfall. During the dry season, the waterfall dries up a lot, so it's best to watch it after the rainy season. More about waterfalls - Phaeng Noi and Phaeng Yai

Phang waterfall, Phangan

Phang waterfall, Phangan

Koh Phangan viewpoints

Due to the hilly terrain, there are many viewpoints on Koh Phangan, but not all of them are easy to drive. Near Haad Rin Beach, Wat Khao Tam Temple, next to Phangan Utopia Resort, there are lookouts that offer a good view and can be easily reached by transport. In Than Sadet National Park, there are observation decks above the Phaeng Waterfall (viewpoint Dom Sila) and on Mount Kao Ra, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding area. From Chinese temple also offers a good view of the coast. There are restaurants like Bar 360 and Top Rock Bar or authentic bars like Magic Caffe on the beach Tong Nai Pan Yai.

Sila House Observation Deck, Koh Phangan, Tan Sadet National Park

Sila House Observation Deck, Koh Phangan, Tan Sadet National Park

Bar Amsterdam

Generally, Amstardam is a cafe, but it can also be called a peculiar attraction of the island. This is a very popular place among tourists, especially young people and backpackers. The bar is located on a hill and offers excellent views of the sea and the island from its terraces. Especially atmospheric in a cafe at sunset. This is a great place to relax on an ottoman as you pass the day and admire the scenery. Another feature of the bar is the pool, around which parties are regularly held in the evenings. All together: the pool, pillows, landscapes and pleasant music contribute to relaxation and the acquisition of a good mood. But keep in mind, at sunset there are a lot of people (sometimes just a crowd), loud music and yet this place is very young. More about the bar - Bar Amsterdam on Koh Phangan - iconic place with sunsets

Amsterdam Bar on Phangan

Amsterdam Bar on Phangan

Diving and snorkeling

Phangan is one of the popular diving destinations in Thailand. Around the island there are places where beginners and experienced divers are traditionally taken. Of particular interest, in terms of diving, is the Ang Thong National Marine Park, which consists of many small islands with corals and a rich underwater world around them. The island has several diving schools and a large offer of sea excursions with the opportunity to observe the underwater world. For those who do not like diving, snorkeling is suitable. A good place to do this is the small island of Ko Ma, located near the coast in the Mae Haad beach area.

Boat trips, Ang Thong National Park

This place cannot be called directly a landmark of Koh Phangan, but Ang Thong National Park is one of the most popular destinations for sea excursions from Koh Phangan. This archipelago is part of the Surat Thani province, like Phangan and Koh Samui, and is of volcanic origin. Over millions of years, the rocks in the sea have acquired bizarre shapes, similar to the figures of animals or mythical creatures. One of the most interesting places in the archipelago is the island of Ko Mae, in which a small salt lake, Thale Nai, was formed. The archipelago is interesting not only for the surface part, but also for the underwater world. There are several famous diving spots around the islands with beautiful bottoms. In Ang Thong, you can stay overnight in a bungalow or a tent, or you can go with a one-day excursion directly from Phangan.

Elephant safari

There is an elephant safari in almost every resort in Thailand, there is such «entertainment» and on Phangan. In addition to elephants, you can also see monkeys and other animals in this place. They offer to ride an elephant in the jungle, but this is a rather dangerous pleasure, given the cruelty of training methods and the frequent attacks of elephants on people. Either the driver will be trampled, or the tourist will be planted on a tusk, there is little pleasant in all this. An elephant is not meant for people to ride, but feeding and touching it is a sweet thing. Phangan Elephant Safari is located next to the Chinese Temple, it offers half-hour and one-hour elephant trekking, and shows with different animals several times a day..

Mini golf

A mini golf course is located next to Wat Phu Khao Noi. The place is far from crowded, and golf itself is not very spectacular, only 12 holes of varying difficulty. For a change, you can call in, especially since the territory is well-groomed and green. In addition to golf, there are all sorts of small entertainment for children and adults, a cafe.

Full Moon Party and the like

One of the symbols of Phangan, thanks to which he became known far beyond the borders of the kingdom, is the Full Moon Party. It is held once a month on the southernmost beach of the island - Haad Rine. At this time, finding housing in the vicinity is very problematic due to the large influx of people wishing to participate in the bacchanalia. During the holiday, the entrance to the main beach of the party is made for a fee, the famous Pangan fire shows are also held there..

Since there are a lot of people who want to buzz, in addition to the full moon, Half Moon is also celebrated on Phangan. The Crescent Moon Party is held a week before the Full Moon Party and a week after it, in the Ban Tai Beach area. In addition, several more regular festivals are held in Phangan: Black Moon Party, Jungle Experience, Sramonara Waterfall Party (at the waterfall of the same name), Shiva Moon Party, Moon Set Party, Reggae Party and various Pool Parties. Separately, one can also name cult parties in two adjacent bars Guys and Iden, as well as techno parties in Lighthouse. In general, for those wishing to hang out, the choice of parties in Phangan is great and varied.. More about Phangan parties.

Pantip Market

Not the most beautiful place in Koh Phangan, but it should be seen as an iconic meeting and snacking place. Night-time party-goers, tourists, old-timers, and even the locals themselves flock here to refuel in one of the most inexpensive markets on the island. There are several cuisines of the world to choose from and the whole range of Thai cuisine, from seafood to fruit shakes for ridiculous money. More about the market - Pantip Market in Phangan - cheap food and meeting place.

Pantip Market on Phangan

Pantip Market on Phangan

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