Full Moon Party and Party Schedule in Phangan

Phangan is an eternally young and eternally drunk island, where the tourist infrastructure is tailored for young people and party-goers. Well, not only on them, of course, but in comparison with Phangan, Koh Samui is a pensioner on vacation. There are a lot of places on Phangan, the only purpose of which is to hang out in its own format. Not clubs, not bars with dance floors, but parties. Of the three dozen existing parties, I have selected eleven of the most famous and popular. Well, you can see the list of cool cafes and bars in the post. Bars and cafes in Koh Phangan - what to do and what to do.

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Full moon party

Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan, aka Full Moon Party, is held at Haad Rin beach once a month, on a full moon. The very, very first such party happened in the late eighties, and then it was just an ordinary celebration of the birthday of one of the islanders. And at the present time, the Full Moon Party gathers from 5 to 25 thousand people, depending on the season. The party is large-scale and is not tied to one institution - it is celebrated by everyone who has a restaurant and bar business on the coast.

Haad Rin is closed for free passage during the party and begins to take bribes - 100 baht. There are several dance floors all over the beach where they play their own music, so there is a place for everyone to have a break. If you intend to get exactly on this patya, then take care of housing in advance - you yourself understand that the people will be overdrive and all the adjacent hotels and guest houses will be packed to capacity.

Full Moon Party poster on Phangan

Full Moon Party poster on Phangan

Half moon party

Half Moon Party or Crescent Moon Party is an alternative to Full Moon Party, or «When you really want to, but the full moon has already been staked out». The Half Moon Party is held once a week before the full moon, and once a week after it, respectively. The organizers use a section of the island near Ban Tai and Ban Kai beaches, but not on the seashore, alas. The time of the event is from 20 to 7 in the morning. The entrance is expensive - 500 baht, the music is played in techno and trance style.

Black moon party

Black Moon Party - Black Moon Party held near Mac Resort’from Bay a couple of weeks after the Fulmun Party, from 8 pm to 7 am. This is on Ban Tai Beach, an easily accessible and walkable place. The entrance to the techno party is not cheap - 600 baht per person, and as a compliment from the organizers, you will be offered one drink to overclock. Despite the cost of entry, the place is very popular, and world famous DJs are invited here to high life. They play mostly trance.

Lost Paradise Party

The Lost Paradise Party is a fairly recent event (this article was written in 2018) that has been held once a month since 2015. According to connoisseurs, the party took the Pangan underground to a new level, thanks to its excellent location on the secluded Haad Yao East beach (not to be confused with Haad Yao in the west), an excellent sound system and a competent selection of performers. Speaking «secluded» I mean a really wild and inaccessible beach, which is difficult to reach by land, so there are no casual people and idle tourists there. This is why the party is called «Lost Paradise». I went there, 1.5 hours by pickup on a broken-down dirt road, or by boat, too, 20 minutes from Haad Rin.

Lost Paradise Party

Lost Paradise Party

Lighthouse - techno parties, bar and bungalows

In addition to purely parties, there are also cult bars, where parties for regulars start regularly. For example, near beaches Haad Rin Nai and Haad Rin Nok, on the beach Leela Beach the cult place of lovers is located «techno». On the outskirts, at the foot of the mountain, right on the rocks along the edge of the sea, there is a small bar where parties are held in a techno music format. Behind the dance floor there are cliffs from which you can jump into the water, and behind the club there are small bungalows for the most penetrated. More details, photos and how to get there - Lighthouse - techno parties, bar and bungalows.

Lighthouse on Koh Phangan

Lighthouse on Koh Phangan

Guy’s Bar and Eden Bar

There are three hermit beaches in the east of the island: Wai nam, Haad Tian and Haad Yuan. So Haad Tien is notable for the fact that there are two establishments not far from each other: Guy’s Bar and Eden Bar, both of which are considered cult bars with regular parties. From 8 pm to 9 am every Friday (Gais Bar) and every Saturday and Tuesday (Eden Bar). The main feature of the establishments is the inaccessibility, so it is problematic to come here by land, but by sea it is not cheap. Details with photos and how to get there - Phangan Gayse Bar and Eden Bar - iconic party spots.

Gais Bar on Phangan

Gais Bar on Phangan

Shiva moon

The Shiva Muun party is held on Ban Tai Beach, three days before and three days after the Fulmun Party, from 8 pm to 7 am in a small area with a bar and a dance floor where they play techno, psi-trance and house. If you are not yet in the subject, then Shiva is one of the main gods of Hinduism, but there is nothing from Hinduism except the name of the god and fluorescent pictures on the walls, for obvious reasons. For color, fires can be made around the perimeter of the dance floor at nightfall..

Jungle experience

As the name suggests, this party is not held on the beach by the sea, but in the depths of the jungle, not far from the Half Moon Party. Right in the middle of the jungle, something like a garden is organized, which is decorated with fluorescent and laser lighting, with a bunch of lighting effects. Entrance to the territory is 300 baht, and this price already includes a compliment from the organizers - two drinks. Once a month (4 or 1 day before the Full Moon Party), from 8 pm to 7 am, psi-trance, progressive house, electronics are played here, and all this on excellent equipment with well-set sound.

Sramanora Waterfall Party

The Sramanora Waterfall Party is a party that takes place two days before the Full Moon Party and two days after, next to the Sramanora Falls from 8:00 pm to 6:00 am. In the lower reaches of the waterfall there is an artificial hot tub with fresh water (it is better not to drink it) where you can swim in the daytime, and at night - if you wish. There is little space around the waterfall, so the main party takes place 20 meters away, near small bungalows and the main building of the entire resort. Entrance fee is 300 baht (two cocktails included). They play techno and house.

Original pool party

The Original Puul Party is held on Haad Rin, on the territory of the Coral Bungalows, where there is a small pool (about 10x20 meters, oval). The party starts once a week at 21:00, entrance and parking for guests are free. There are not so many places for dancing, but this will not embarrass anyone, people are jumping right in the water. The prices for booze are about the same as in the store - also a significant bonus to such an event..

Moon set party

Prepati and afterparty of the grandiose Full Moon Party (well, or so it is believed, although due to the remoteness from Haad Rin, I would not say so). Takes place on the territory of the Pirate club’s (this Chao Pao beach) three days before Fulmun and two days after Fulmun. From 8 pm to 7 am they play house and trance here.

This concludes my list of recommendations. Keep in mind that the schedules and the number of parties are constantly changing and I don't need to tell you that you should always check the info in advance, google to help you. If you have any comments or additions on the list - send in the comments, it will be useful for all blog readers.

Posters are posted all over the island

Posters are posted all over the island, don't miss a thing

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