How much does it cost to rest and live in Thailand - prices for housing, food, clothing

The cost of living in Thailand, most likely, now few people will be lower than in Russia. The dollar exchange rate to it. But it all depends on specific people and on specific needs. Therefore, if you are coming here to live for a long time, then it makes sense to analyze your spending in your hometown in all respects and compare them with the estimated spending in Thailand. It may so happen that for one person it will be cheaper here, and for another more expensive. Therefore, the answer to the question «How much does it cost to live in Thailand» cannot be unambiguous.

Few numbers. In Moscow, we spend 30,000 rubles / month on food, shopping in supermarkets and not visiting cafes. Here we spend 25,000 baht / month, while eating almost every day in a cafe and heavily lean on tropical fruits. Taking into account the course, it has become more expensive, although a few years ago the expenses were identical. When you read how much people spend in Thailand, be sure to ask how much they spent in their homeland..

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Cost of living in Thailand

Rental of property

Renting an apartment here costs about the same as in Moscow. A small apartment or house with a bedroom and a living room will cost an average of 10,000-20,000 baht / month. Depending on the area, the number of rooms, furniture, area and duration of the lease, the price will differ. Comparable with a one-room apartment on the outskirts of Moscow. Nevertheless, a house with a small territory and not far from the sea still looks, in my opinion, more attractive than a Moscow one-room apartment. Tips for apartment rent I already gave, as I told about that, how to rent a house.

Now about the communal apartment. Water costs are very small, about 300-500 baht. Also, water can be initially included in the rental price. Electricity is much more expensive than in Russia, 4-10 baht per kW. If you do not use air conditioning and an electric stove (usually gas), then about 500 baht will come out. If the air conditioner is on all the time, it will be 1500-3000 baht per month..

Housing by the day. The cost of inexpensive guesthouses, as a rule, is 500-800 baht per day. Better hotels cost 1000-1500 baht, and for 2000-3000 baht you can already rent quite an excellent room in a decent resort. You can find out prices for hotels in all existing booking systems using the service RoonGuru. A very useful thing, as usual Booking’a will not be enough, it is not mainstream in Asia.

How much does it cost to live in Thailand

How much does it cost to live in Thailand

Communication and Internet

4G / 3G mobile internet costs 300-800 baht per month depending on the traffic package. For 300 baht you will get 3 GB of traffic, for 800 - 12 GB. Read my posts about mobile operators DTAC or AIS, all tariffs are there.

Mobile communication is comparable in price to Moscow, about 1-2 baht / minute. Only at first you can do without a phone, there is no one to call.

Wifi is available in every hotel and is free of charge. When renting an apartment or house, the Internet is sometimes already included in the price, but more often you need to pay extra for it about 500 baht per month. The speed will be 5-10 megabits.

Prices in Tae for food

IN Thai supermarkets food prices are about the same as in Moscow. Something is cheaper, something is more expensive. I compare with such stores as Dixie, Crossroads. At the same time, the choice of familiar products is not very large. There are no cereals (buckwheat, millet, pearl barley) and fermented milk products (sour cream, cottage cheese), standard sweets for tea (drying, gingerbread). Or, if these products are available (they are found in some supermarkets), then they cost decently, because they are imported. For example, cheese costs an average of 500-800 baht / kg. Chocolate is also expensive - 100 baht bar, brick of bread 50-100 baht. I wrote separately, how to find familiar food.

Prices thai market lower than ours in the summer in the season. Naturally, we are talking about tropical fruits such as mango, mangosteen, rambutans, pomelo, bananas, etc. Some kind of sweet cherry is sold only in supermarkets and costs like an airplane (import). In general, I personally like the quality of vegetables and fruits. In general, this is a real fruit paradise. As an example, mango in season costs about 30 baht per kg, in off-season about 100 baht. Please note that the mango that is sold in Russia and did not lie next to the yellow Thai, the difference cannot be described, you have to try.

Prices in cafes several times lower than in Moscow (if we talk about typhoid and simple food). Therefore, foreigners prefer to eat in them. European food is more expensive than Thai food. Typically, a serving of rice or noodles with something costs about 30-80 baht. Thai green papaya salad, som-tam - from 35 baht, tom-yam soup - from 60 baht, natural coffee - from 40 baht. Small pies, donuts and cakes - 5-15 baht per item. A European dish or something more complex - about 150-200 baht and more. In terms of the price of food in Thailand, you must take into account that if you like Thai cuisine, then everything is immediately simplified and cheaper, both in cafes and when shopping in supermarkets. And if you are not a fan of Thai food, you will have to cook at home..

Thai menu in a simple cafe

Thai menu in a simple cafe in Chiang Mai

Prices for excursions and entertainment

Prices for excursions in Thailand start from 250-300 baht for a simple transfer to the zoo or the beach and back, more serious ones, with a guide - from 600 baht. Excursions for 1-2 days cost from 1500-2500 baht and more, depending on the program. Also excursions to the islands, boat trips, the cost starts from 1500 baht.

Rent a motor boat (speedboat) with a driver - from 3,000 baht per day for a small boat to 6,000 for a large one. Ride a jet ski - from 250 baht for 10 minutes. Prices for visiting water parks in Thailand start at about 1200 baht. Entrance to museums depends on the popularity of the place, from several dozen baht for provincial attractions to 300-500 baht for famous and visited places among foreigners. Entrance to the territory of the national park is usually 100-200 baht.

Transport in Thailand

Taxi is very cheap when it comes to taxi bangkok, and at the resorts prices are lomyat. For example, to get from Bangkok airport to the city center costs 400 baht (40 minutes), and from Phuket airport to the beach - 800-1000 baht, although it takes about 30 minutes to go there. That is, Moscow prices at resorts, if not higher.

The metro costs about the same as in Russia and the fare depends on the number of stations. City buses are only common in Bangkok and cost a penny. In resorts, they are less common, and there are more popular tuk-tuk or songteo (like a minibus). Travel by tuk-tuk for a short distance 100-300 baht, songteo 20-50 baht.

Thai trains much cheaper than Russian Railways. And there is a choice to travel quite cheaply in a seated carriage, or in a recumbent carriage with air conditioning. For example, a ticket from Bangkok to Chiang Mai (800 km) with air-conditioned reserved seat costs 800 baht, a seated one without it - 300 baht.

Intercity buses are slightly cheaper than trains and are also air conditioned. Moving Bangkok-Phuket (850 km) costs 800-1000 baht, depending on the class. All long distance buses are modern and comfortable.

Domestic flights are not comparable to ours, because there are no low-cost airlines in Russia. Sometimes it is cheaper to fly to Europe than to some Novosibirsk. A flight from Bangkok to Phuket (700 km in a straight line) costs 1,500-2,000 baht (I recommend buying tickets through and, we regularly use them ourselves).

If we talk about moving on your own transport, then you can take off a motorbike. Rent will come out about 3000-4000 baht per month, or about 200-300 baht per day, if you take a short term. Gasoline costs about 30 baht per liter. The cost of buying a new bike is 40-60 thousand baht (unshorted), and a used one can be bought in good condition for 20,000 baht. Also, do not forget that it can be sold after your wintering and not for much less money..

The cars here are mostly Japanese. Used copies are sold at prices higher than in Moscow, the dollar exchange rate and all that, but their condition is several times better. The climate is good, and they were not collected in Russia. If you live from six months to a year, then it is more expedient to buy a car, otherwise it is better rent monthly. Rentals will be 800-1200 baht / day for a regular economy class sedan, or about 15,000 baht / month.

Honda Civic cost

Honda Civic cost

Shopping prices

Casual clothes and shoes are cheaper than ours, but they also do not last long. For example, shoes like a rubber slap cost an average of 100-200 baht, summer sandals 200-400 baht, a T-shirt 100-150 baht, a sweatshirt 300-500 baht. We also have stores with similar prices, but here such prices are in any supermarket.

Branded clothes and shoes are more expensive than in Russia, so I personally don't buy them here. Firstly, there is simply no point, and secondly at home I know where which store is. Considering that branded things last a long time, during wintering, there is rarely a need to stock up on something like that..

How much does clothing cost in Thailand

How much does clothing cost in Thailand

Prices for equipment and gadgets

Compared prices for cameras, iPads, phones, hard drives, laptops. I can't say that the prices made me happy. If you buy a gray product in Moscow, it will be cheaper, only there will be at least some guarantee from an online store for it, if you buy in Thailand, then you will also have to return to it for repairs. If you buy white goods in Moscow from official distributors, then the price in terms of conversion will be similar to the Thai one, sometimes cheaper in Tai. Here you must, of course, look at the specifics. But in general, I see no reason to buy gadgets in Thailand..

Apple appliances (iPad, iPhone, Macbook) are 10-15% cheaper in Tae than in the Moscow official Apple stores. And it's great that the Mac warranty is valid all over the world, the rest of the devices are better taken in Russia. Apple's gray appliances in Moscow will come out cheaper than in the Thai store.

The cost of phones in Thailand is about the same or more expensive if we talk about familiar brands, but local or Chinese goods can be bought cheaper. Although it is better to take the Chinese immediately on Aliexpress (how to save on Ali up to 11%).

I also remind you that this is just for technology that is relevant that you can return Vat 7% at the airport, thereby reducing the purchase cost.

The cost of the flight to Thailand

The cost of a flight to Thailand fluctuates and depends on many parameters. The best option is to buy a ticket in advance, several months before the trip. A one-way ticket will be more expensive than buying it with the return ticket. A direct flight is more expensive than a connecting flight. I have flown several times to Thailand and at different costs. On average, a one-way ticket costs from 18 thousand rubles, round-trip from 25 thousand rubles. You can also buy last-minute charter tickets, they can be quite inexpensive, but you need to monitor their appearance.

I wrote about air tickets in detail in these two posts: How to fly cheaply to Thailand and How much is a ticket to Tai.

Thailand Visa Cost

We must not forget about such expenses as a visa, or a visa-run. Yes, if you arrive for a couple of weeks, then you will not have to spend anything extra, since for up to 30 days, a Thai visa is not needed for Russian citizens, and a passport is simply stamped at the airport.

However, if you want to stay for more than a month, then you will need to either extend the stamp for 7 days for 1800 baht or go to a neighboring country (most often it is Laos) and get a Thai single-entry visa for 3 months there. This whole trip will cost you no less than 4000-5000 baht. More about the visa regime, stamps, visaranes - All About Thailand Visa.

The cost of tours to Thailand

It is clear that tickets to Thailand cost very differently. In the season - more expensive, in the off-season prices fall. The cost also depends on the number of days, hotel, resort, type of food and accommodation. Nobody canceled the last minute deals either. The most inexpensive resort in Thailand is Pattaya, tours for a week there start from about $ 350 (no meals or just breakfast). A weekly tour to Phuket will cost significantly more - from $ 650 per week, on Koh Samui tours are usually even more expensive, from $ 850. In general, good tours to Thailand for a week start from $ 1000-1200 per week per person. If you go on vacation for a week or two, then buying a tour is more profitable, the cheapest one costs almost at the price of round-trip plane tickets.


After the crisis occurred in Russia, and due to the exchange rate of the dollar, the Thai price for the Russians greatly increased, the trend of wintering slowed down. With a similar lifestyle, it will turn out, either the same, or more expensive. Indeed, now there is no particular point in going here for savings, downshifting has become easier in Russia. Although all the advantages of Thailand have not gone anywhere, and for those who initially did not save on everything, it is still good here..

Nevertheless, you can save money if you have such a goal. Thailand allows it. There are both budget housing and budget cafes ... You can go and look for what is more suitable for the price. Cost reduction is especially noticeable for long-term stays. For example, the cost of winter clothing and footwear disappears, and you can travel all year round by bicycle or bike instead of a car. Instead of cafes with European food, you can cook at home. Long-term rental housing will be cheaper than 1-2 months. Why bother like that? Well, everyone decides for himself whether he needs to go to Tai or not.

Personally, it seems to me that for the same or even more money you can get much more than in winter in Russia: eternal summer, the sea nearby, tropical fruits, a relaxing atmosphere and a positive local population. Honestly, you can pay extra for this. No matter how much I looked for an alternative to Ty, I could not find it. After all, those with ruble incomes have become more expensive because of the exchange rate absolutely everywhere. It remains only to accept this and move on. Well, or create dollar income for yourself 🙂 In general, no one bothers to go for 1-3 months, and not for six months, as before.

Once upon a time, everything about everything for two of us took about 30,000 baht / month for two (spending in Phuket). But when we arrived with the child and we needed comfort, the expenses increased (spending on Koh Samui).

P.S. If you go on vacation, then read the post - How much money to take to Thailand for vacation. About 50-100 $ per day per person should be enough for you for an inexpensive vacation.